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New Fan Character, though not for Star Fox, this is my "MLP: Friendship is Magic" fan character:

Name: Pony Express (real name Caligula)

Race/Species: Pegasus

Occupation: Arch Criminal, former Postal Worker for Equestria

Appearance: A black Pegasus, with dark hair, a black and white mane, and a terrible scar where his "Cutie Mark" once was. He used to have a cutie mark in the shape of a Roman Legionnaire's mark, before it was burned in an explosion.
He sometimes wears torn/ruined saddlebags, and a damaged 8-point crown postal hat. They, along with his damaged cutie mark, serve him as dark reminders of his past.

Personality: Scheming, angry, cruel, hateful, vengeful, and psychotic...however, he loves Fluttershy to a fault, and tries to be as good to her as he can, though he sometimes does bad things to her, like kidnap or trap her, and he is obsessed with her. He would never intent to truly harm Fluttershy, nor would he ever let harm come to her, though she fears him, and wants little to do with him.

Back-story: Caligula, aka Pony Express, was always an outcast, as a foal. He was rejected by everyone, and developed a deep seeded hatred for society. His mark appeared when one day, he played some particularly cruel prank on a gang of ponies who were mean to him, and he badly hurt them to the point of crippling them for life. The whole incident showed Caligula the capabilities he had to do harm to others. The cutie mark appeared on him, and he swore that he would hurt anyone and everyone who had ever wronged him...ironically, he always forgives Fluttershy, no matter what she does to or says about him. However, he crippled and killed others, throughout his life, including his own family.

Caligula joined the Postal Service of Equestria, and worked as hard as he could...he went by the name "Pony Express" in Ponyville...He was even made the official "Spokepony" for the postal system, but after being wrongfully terminated, he swore revenge. He set the postal facility ablaze...he then took his anger out on several government buildings and workers. In a failed attempt to destroy Princess Celestia's Palace, the explosion burned and damaged his mark, rendering it scarred, but recognizable.

Now, Caligula is a figurehead of menace, throughout Equestria. Although he is hated and feared, his banishment is seldom enforced, except as an excuse to punish him for his latest misdeed(s), though he always returns...he's general pardoned, if he helps The six ponies, and Princess Celestia, battle a greater evil and/or enemy, or if Fluttershy is in trouble. Caligula is the second fastest pony in the land, beaten only by Rainbow Dash.

In one episode, Caligula went by the alias "Troy Gifthorse", he disguised himself as a flashy entrepreneur, and was planning to scam all the ponies of Equestria and its lands out of all their hard earned money. He didn't take any of Fluttershy's money, and he still let her in on his "deal of a lifetime" for free....she was suspicious of this, and when she investigated, she saw "Troy Gifthorse" removing his disguise (fake platinum teeth coverings, mane wig under a flat straw boater hat, and a red tailcoat covering his Pegasus wings, and white powder to change his black fur. When Caligula caught her spying on him in his "dressing room", he showed her what he was truly planning to do, but offered Flutttershy half of the riches from his scam. She refused, so he then offered two-thirds...Fluttershy thought it over for a second, but still refused. Caligula then trapped Fluttershy in a large sack, and locked her in a trunk, stating that he would leave town with the riches, and with Fluttershy, and would force her to marry him and he would share his riches with her anyway. When Fluttershy was in the sack, she said "It smells like a pig's been in here one time...and a cat in here another time" ("Pig in a Poke" reference).

The other four ponies, Twilight, Applejack, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, and Pinkie Pie, got suspicious of Fluttershy's disappearance, and tried to track her down. They finally found her, with the help of her animal friends, and freed her from the trunk and the sack. Fluttershy blew the whistle on "Troy Gifthorse", and told the others of his real identity and intentions, and they rushed to where he was holding his large, final performance/event, and exposed him to all of Ponyville and Equestria, blowing his scheme wide open, ruining his scam. "I really shouldn't leave those out!" Caligula said, when Twilight showed everyone the papers he had left on his desk with the details orchestrating the plan. (He was going to sell the the rights to a "Diamond Mine" he owned, but it turned out to be a flint mine). They literally pulled his disguise right off of him, and he spit out his false teeth coverings. He was chased out of Equestria by Celestia's Guards, but on his way out, he told Fluttershy he knew it was her that blew his cover, but he still loved her, and forgave her anyway, before breaking out in mad laughter and fleeing Celestia's guards, and the angry mob. Rainbow Dash wanted to chase him, but Princess Celestia stopped her, saying "He's not worth it". Fluttershy looked away at the horizon over which Caligula he fled, with a mysterious smile on her face.

Princess Luna and Caligula have a strange friendship...though Princess Luna had a subconscious crush on Caligula for a while, they both agreed that they could never be together, due to Caligula being a commoner, and Princess Luna being royalty. The two remain friends, for the most part.
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