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Ok guys, I have been working on another theme for SFG, to make the backgrounds and stuff more Star Fox like. I am still editing the "Ready to Launch" theme, but have been in the process of making an actual Fox McCloud theme..........here is a preview, and a short summary of my ideas for it.......... :tvictory:

Posted Image

As you can see, you can see through the main table to see both Fox and his Arwing. Another feature I found out is now when you scroll up or down, the picture stays stationary, not going with the direction of the scrolling.

The icons are the Fox pics I have for Ready to Launch (The ones for RTL theme have changed to Arwings, preview of that in a bit) The "New replies" icon on the main table will be Fox doing his "Thumbs up" motion (literally, the gif version, where "No new replies" will have him just sitting there, plus the image is dimmer then before. I am unsure if I want to keep the "thumbs up" motion as people on here were on the fence about it.

Now, inside the board itself, like the icons for "New" "No new" Hot" "Hot no new" have yet to be figured out.

Please let me know what you think, or any questions you have or suggestions on what features you might want to see. (Now before the Krystal fans go ape crap on me and I suddenly get a world of butt hurt cause Krystal is not in the theme or should be added, please note: that if this theme becomes successful, and is used by members, more character based themes will be made, such as for Krystal, Falco, Slippy, Peppy, the whole team, ect.)

On a note I made prior, here is the old and new look of the Ready to Launch theme (the old version is currently available on SFG, the updated version is not available on either SFG or FR. When completed, the new version will replace the old)

Old version:
Posted Image

Updated version:
Posted Image

In the old version, Fox and Falco represented the "New Replies" and "No New Replies". In the update, the normal collored Arwing is the "New" and the inverted colored Arwing (lol, after looking at it again, it looked like the Wolfen (WAS NOT INTENTIONAL))

The Background for the original was way too dark after looking at it, so a new, brighter background has been put into it's place. This also has the same feature as the Fox McCloud theme, where the background image does not move upon scrolling. (However, I have had thoughts of putting an image I found with the SNES version of Corneria in it, this is still on the table, and open for debate)

The Topic link colors have also been changed from Red to White, To make it a little easier on the eyes, (The time stamps will probably be changed to the same color as the User's name next to it, and the user name will become Light blue.)

The Section headers have also changed. going from blending into the background and a random white bar being seen, to now harboring the Great Fox.

Please, please, PLEASE tell me what you think of the update, as I am trying to find time to work on it when I am not so dang tired lol. [edit_reason]updated the Fox McCloud theme.........like one freakin' thing lol, love y'all[/edit_reason]
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