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So who's tired of looking at the member rank badges? Does anyone want to see something different?

Well now's your chance.

I'm asking you guys to create a badge for the Member, Administrator, Head Administrator, Site Designer, Theme Designer, and Elite Member groups. You may design one badge per group, for a total of three entries. The maximum size will be the current size of our current badges, 120px 88px. It's recommend you edit the full size photo first, then shrink it down once you're finished.

Once the contest has ended, I'll run the standard voting like we have done with all the other contest. You will get to vote once per each category. The winner's badge will replace the old one and gain fifty post counts (to help with post rank).

The Site Designer, Head Admin, and Theme Designer badges will be changed to the new ones by only their respective member's permission (since there's only one member that is assigned there titles. In fact, these members may design their own badges and change them if they want to at any time, but it helps if you get a little outside "assistance :t;): .

The contest starts immediately and ends next Saturday, April 7th, where we will begin the voting phase. Good luck out there and may the best badge win.

P.S. You may have noticed that I changed the admin badge already. This will be my entry in the contest. If it wins, then I get credit for it :t:P:
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