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Many years ago before Corneria's great fleets before they touched the skies of their homeland a peacful race known as the Glieseans in Gliese star system thrived with their advanced technology. However this peace did not last soon rouge Gliessean clans appaereed wanthing to become one with technology this led to a civil war upon Gliese Prime. The war ended with the rouges winning scareed by years of war and connected to their own technoilogy through cybernetics and other augmentations they soon found that they had paid a price to be connect to their linking to their biotechnology. Those that had fully taken on the augmentations were created purely for war very few of them could resist the urge to kill. So the military cyborgs stepped out of their homeworld and started enslaving others and forcing them to become the killing cyborgs that they are. Now known as The Kelverites these fightin macniens seek to include more into their techno organic army and enslave all.

" And that is why you are here to end this forever." Said a high ranking Cornerian officer as he briefed the cornerian troops before they headed out. it had taken 3 months to get to were the armada was now 3 months of endless space... though there had been no signs of Kelverites there had been a few pirates along the route.

In her room on the Aurora destroyer Krystal sat legs crossed as she metitate on her thoughts 'how many races have fallen to these Kelverites?' she thought 'How many fought back only to be absorbed into their war machine.'

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