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[offtopic]Which Gliese system? Gliese 581, Gliese 876, or is it completely unrelated to the real life Gliese stars?[/offtopic]

Anorochet ch'Kraal gritted his teeth as the Tukani gained on the Kelverite raiders. Two of the small vessels had already been destroyed by his ship, and he wasn't about to let these remaining three escape any time soon.

"Lock particle cannons on the lead ship's main reactor, and open fire!" he hollered.

"Aye, sir!" the tactical officer replied, bringing the Tukani's main guns to bear on the smaller vessel. Two sapphire beams shot forward, the first one cutting through the shields, the second vaporizing the smaller vessel.

Scratch three vultures., Anorochet thought. Actually, make that four, he corrected himself, as another of the raiders' reactors detonated, taking the tiny ship along with it.

Without warning, the remaining raider banked hard to port, catching nearly everyone on the Tukani by surprise.

"Where the hell is that ship headed?" Anorochet asked, his antennae twitching in anger.

"Heading to Coordinates 004 Mark 009. Towards three unidentified ships. It's making a direct run for one of them!" The tactical officer replied. Annorochet watched in horror as the raider flew straight into one of the ships, exploding upon impact. The raider must have hit the main reactor of the larger vessel, as only three seconds later, it too, disappeared in an expanding ball of fire and twisted metal. The debris impacted the second and third ships. The third's shields held, although the crew was going to be in for a rude awakening. The second was not so lucky. Having been closer to the first ship, it was caught in the blast, and exploded as well, leaving a similar cloud of debris.
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