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It was a clear, crisp, but chilly early winter day in the town of Mallet. Cars roared down the streets, children were laughing and playing, and the birds sang in the air.

However, nobody cared about the weather.

At her house, Sapphire decided to go up to her attic and straighten things out. She climbed the stairs up there and opened the door. Instantly she was met with a hot and stale blast of air that nearly made her choke.

Brushing the air out of the way she surveyed the attic. Several dusty boxes were piled seven high and they were so tightly packed some items were spilling. Instead of having these boxes in the middle of the floor, she figured to slide them against the wall and in the corner so there would be space in the middle.

As she was moving the boxes around she happened upon a small leather book that she did not remember ever owning. She picked it up and thumbed through it. It appeared to be a sort of guide for a strange and mystical place called-

"Gavel," she said out loud looking at some of the drawings. It seemed like it was a mere weeks journey from where she was standing and was told to harbor a great and terrible secret.

Being the natural adventurer she was, she was instantly intrigued. What if it was treasure? What if she gained super powers from the journey?

She laughed as she brought the book with her downstairs and plopped on her couch. The attic could wait. This book was far more interesting.
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