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To be honest, I was more amazed by Skyward Sword as I was from Twilight Princess.

It was very interesting to see HOW the Legend started to occur and how much the storyline and setting changed from game after game. I loved the Characters in SS and the way of getting down to the 'Land underneath the clouds'. A whole new experience for me that hyped me of the fullest.
The Graphics were a bit smoother than in TP as much I was able to recognize thanks to the little bit cell shadding they used in it, it made everything a bit more fluid.

Personally I think it was the hardest Zelda game in the whole franchise, at least when it comes down to the boss battles. If you beat the 'Trainy Mode' and start the Hero-Mode.... Rage of pure Rage, I tell you. If they pissed you off in the first playthrough, have fun with the 'true' mode! I can't tell how often I started to swear in this game, since I played all Zelda games and I NEVER got to a point of total rage. Me and my mother are playing the Zelda franchise together and even she said that she saw me THIS aggressive inside a Zelda game XD

But for Zelda in general, I'm also a 100% player, I had everything in every game.
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