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Fana McCloud
Mmmm, I loves those long, curvaceous legs. XD

That made laugh so hard :lol:

if you ask me fana i think their a bit thin :P

And Catt is this your first time drawling the starfox characters?

if yes? O.O

if no? Awesome job.

I have to say I can defintly recognize the characters it's just their body you gotta work on but excellent work nonetheless.

First time I draw miyu, fara and fay, and well it's never being easy for me to draw bodies :P , but there's always room for improvement thanks for pointing me that out :)

Fana McCloud
I figured the legs were a stylistic choice, but the overall body shape indeed needs some work. Still super none the less.P.S. Lynxes don't have lion tails, so you might wanna look that up and correct it next time you draw Miyu.

I knew there was something weird about her XD, I'll see if can fix that later, along with the mark on her forehead
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