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Julius Quasar
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Jun 3 2012, 04:30 PM
Or Star Fox and crew have really visited Earth, just that they were so fast and secret about it we didn't notice.

THEY'RE AS FAST AS THE SPEED OF SOUND!.... wait, that was Sonic.

Well, this is actually not a hidden discovery or something, but in Star Fox Assault, the Fichina mission, at the part you fight against the control center machine near the end, you need to listen to Falco's voice. He sounded kind of strange there, like his voice actor Mike Madeoy was drunken or something.

You're right, 14 :09!


He probably had to take a huge dump at the end of his script reading session. :P

True, so true. I actually even like the Japanese voice actress of Krystal, Aya Hara, a bit more than the English one, though she lags accent. It's just sad that the Japanese voice actor of Pigma killed himself a few years ago because he wasn't much able to read scripts anymore.

In Mrs. Garret's voice: "WHAAAAAT!?" Did he really!?

Wait whut, you are talking about the japanese Pigma voice actor or the english one?

The English speaking one.
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