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Saphiria-Mercury O'Hedge
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CDF Sergeant Major
Full Name: Viola Phoenix
Nickname: Rosebeak
Date of Birth: 20.06.
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Species: Phoenix
Place of Birth: Corneria
Current Residence: Katina
Height: 5'9 ft
Weight: 136.69 lbs
- Parents: Nitro & Orchid Phoenix
- Siblings: None
- Others: Camilla & Darius Phoenix (Grandparents, deceased), Kira & Carlos Malinga (Aunt & Uncle)
Job/s: Mechanic, pilot
- Food/s: Any kind of noodle recept, fish
- Drink/s: Apple juice, coconut milk
- Sweet/s: Ice-cream (Strawberry-coconut)
- Sport/s: Swimming, cycling
- Color/s: Any dark color
- Musicgenre/s: Metal, Pop, Techno, Trance
- Freetime Activity/ies: Meeting up with friends, working on machines, repairing broken stuff
Likes: Her father, machines, boys, things that fits her style [Gothic-Lolita], rings and necklaces
Dislikes: Broken machines, bees, girls that think they're better than anyone else, to lose contests
Strength/s: Quick worker, iron stamina, knows how to handle airplanes, understands things quickly
Weakness/es: Worries about her father too much, can get confused very fast, loses herself in thoughts often
Weapon/s: 2 guns with elementary [Fire and Electricity]
Alignment: Good
Theme Song: Fire in your Eyes [by Guano Apes]

~Positive/Negative Behaviours:
+ generous, friendly, likes to help others, strong will, humorous
- Takes things very personal, stubbornish, takes her beak a bit too full sometimes

~Personality (Short description):
Viola has an open heart for the problems of her friends, helps freely when someone can't handle something by their own, knows how to get everything the way she wants it to and acts childish very often which makes it hard to believe that she's already 20 years old. Though she may possess many positive aspects, she can get sassy towards girls very easily when they act like they could do as they pl ease, something that makes her indulgent vain getting overtoned by her loud beak. Viola behaves sensitive when her airplane or the work of her father gets derided which possibly ends up in an act of violence if no one restrains her quick enough.

Viola has a very strong bond to her father whom she thanks for the wonderful life she always had, there's nothing that could break this bond, not even the biggest argument on the world, but she hates getting reminded on her mother who left the family for another guy, risking that her father would probably die because of his weak heart. His best friend, Ethak Torerro, is some kind of uncle and close friend for her who often helps out when she can't handle something in the shop.

Though she knows that she has an aunt and an uncle, she never met them before, so there aren't any informations about their relationships. Small informations are known that she had a very good relationship with her grandparents before they passed away.

She never had contact to any of the Star Fox Team.

Viola was raised by her father after she reached her 4th birthday, her mother, Orchid, left the family for her affair and broke up the contact. She visited school like every other child on Corneria, but never had the certain something that everyone else had in puberty: A lovely, always carring mother that she could run to when she had the typical girly problems. Her father, Nitro, gave his very best to give his young daugther a good life, so he gave her an airplane as a gift for her 15th birthday. Since that day she worked on all kinds of improvements. Early in her days of school Viola recognized that she was by far different than those in her class; she never had big interests in make-up or boys, she was more interested about the way machines were produced and how they worked, always spending her breaks for deeper studies, a behaviour that made her interesting but also a big hate target for others, especially by the females. She started to get a big interest for the 'dark scene' at the age of 16 where she evolved herself into a Gothic-Lolita. Likewise she loves to collect buttons for her pockets, rings and necklaces.

After finishing school, mastering the studies and apprenticeship she fully concentrated on her all beloved passion of working on machines, where she helps her father inside their "The Blessed Phoenix" workshop day in and day out. Viola realized that it's very important to help each other inside the family after her father needed to stay in hospital because of a sudden heart attack, and the painful memories of why her mother left them. They're arguring often that her father shouldn't overdo it with work, but like him Viola has a stubborn like no other which always wins the upperhand, nontheless they work hand in hand and became very famous for their works, something that made their life very easy going. Besides of the work inside their shop she overworked her Arwing, which is called "Deadly Rosevalley", to the latest upgrade that is around the corner of the Lylat System, using the Multi-Lock-On-System and the high speed of 2.8 MACH. Of course it's not the fastest machine, but it's fast enough to travel from one planet to another.

Besides of her work and 'addicted-to-travel' syndrome she sometimes works with the best friend of her father, Ethak Torerro, as the pilot of a freighter called "Screaming Firefeather", which carries mostly machine parts from one city to the next. Viola undertook the responsibility right after the heart attack of her father, which made it impossible for her to enter any flying contests.

~Skills [Assault System]:
Health: ***
Speed: ***
Jump: ***
Flight: ****
Land: **
Foot: ***

~Special feature/s: -None-

Appearence: Viola Phoenix Reference (will get updated, she has 8 tails in total)
~Arwing Information:
Name: Deadly Rosevalley
Pilot/Owner: Viola Phoenix
Speed: 2.8 MACH

- Basic: Metallic black
- Wingtips: pale/darkgreen with flamepatterns
- Others: darkgreen thorntendrils with bloody red roses that climb up from the trunk to the cockpit.

Weapon: Thunder-Twin-Laser-Multi-Lock-On-System (TTLMLOS)
Multi-lock-on-system that targets multiple enemies that can be charged up. Needs a long time to charge up, but makes it still possible to shoot at enemies through rapid fire.

Origin: Built by Nitro Phoenix that was a birthday present for his daughter. Since that day Viola worked on every upgrade.
~Designed: 2010.04.10, Redesigned: ????.??.??
(A big thanks to Kursed for correcting some of my mistakes!)
Edited by Saphiria-Mercury O'Hedge, Jan 20 2013, 02:36 PM.
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