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A character I created for a Solotorobo based RP:

Name: Louisa Kitsune

Age: 28

Sex: Female

Race: Red Vixen

Background: Louisa is a lovely former ballerina and gymnast, but upon failing both the Olympic Gymnastic Primary Competition, and the audition for the lead role in the ballet theater, either which would have brought her career to the top, she fell into an angry, bitter resentment towards the world, and now works as a cat-burglar, spy, saboteur, and sometimes even an assassin for hire. She is well learned and excelled in martial arts. She likes to rent out storage units to house any stolen/contraband goods.

Attire: Soft tabi boots, long sleeve black leotards, black combat gauntlet/gloves, head scarf/veil, utility type belt.

Weapons/tools: Katana ninja blade with special scabbard that doubles as a snorkel, and holds a vial of poison, along with lots of battle tools and ninja stars, capsicum powder, extra ninja stars, smoke grenades, professional Cratt Schultz lock pick, glass cutter, hidden tiny lock pick(for police handcuffs), fiber wire garotte, and sometimes a rope with a collapsible grappling hook...

Vessel: A small, but fast and semi-reliable flying machine resembling a P38 propeller plane. It can hover like a V-22 Osprey, move in stealth mode, and it has weapons. It is a prototype.

Residence: a deluxe apartment unit with its own balcony at a condo complex on its own island. The complex is built just like Hemeiji castle, in its looks, lay-out, and the many gardens and courtyards that it sports.

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