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Name:Alessia Darkfur (She doesn't really have a last name)


Age:18 (officially 2-5)

Height: about a inch taller than Krystal ,but it soo small of a difference it's hardly


\Eye Color:light Green

Species:Ferinian/Cerinian Hybrid Wolf/Fox

Hair Description:usually kept short sometimes a bit long in the back

Fur Color/Fur Pattern:Cerinian fox /Ferinina Black wolf.(a very dark blue almost looks black at first till you look closer)

Vocal Description:Alex is a Fox/Wolf Hybrid she has a wolf head and muzzle but Fox fur pattern beyond her neck down and a Fox tail with a white tip.

Attire:very Dark blue jumpsuit similar to Krystal's' purple tank top with camo athletic pants

Strengths:Quick Smart,Telepathic light telekinesis

weakness: Pressure from others, lack of awareness of the outside world, and closed in when it comes to communicating with other people.

Personality:Kind yet a little touchy at times also known to be a bit mean.

History:Alessia or, Alex for short is a bio-engineered telepath designed to be the most powerful telepath ever, however when the scientist thought that she had no telepathic powers since they actually needed them to mature, she was turned towards another function...test subject for other experiments for which their purpose cannot be mentioned here. Since then she has mysteriously escaped from the Facility and had some very bad encounters with gangs. Among her telepathy the combination of DNA from two species with telepathy has given the Vixen/She-wolf a light telekinesis power it's unknown if she will develop a stronger telekinetic power or not, but for now she is able to pick up objects up to the weight of a brick and throw them at opponents, from the facility she was rescued at she took a sword that she uses as if she were a expert somehow the sword had taught her how to use it this will be further explained later...

Alex up close with her sword
Posted Image
Alex in her lab specimen gown.
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