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Sorry for the double post, but here's my entry.

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Name- Sapphire

Age- 22

Height- 5' 7"

Weight- 113 lbs.

Eye color- Crystal blue

Alignment- Chaotic Good

Sex- Female

Species- Anthro Red Fox

Fur Color- Normal red fox coloring, with the glove and socks being black-colored.

Personality- Sapphire is a fiery fox with a daredevil attitude on life. When she grows excited, her eyes emit a strange glow that burns with the passion of adventure. She never turns down a good challenge and she hopes to find a mate one day who shares the same suicidal beliefs she does. She is normally careful not to offend anybody, but she is a little brash on her choice of words. She is also very friendly and outgoing, and quick to make friends. Usually she looses them quickly because of her careless attitude. This usually makes her angry, which is something you would want to avoid.

Appearance- She is of average size, with a muscular build. She is normally seen wearing turtleneck sweaters with loose-fitting jeans. A wraparound bandage is worn on her right arm and she refuses to tell anyone about it. She wears leather gloves on her paws and comfortable shoes.

Hometown- Corneria College Campus, Building E, Room 348

Bio- Sapphire's family was a humble one. However, Sapphire was not so humble, putting her neck on the line every waking moment to see how far she could improve on her favorite stunts. She killed her own father with a heart attack performing her latest stunt yet, and her mother died of natural causes. Her sister died of an early genetic disease. Frustrated that she couldn't get a job as an uneducated daredevil, she sets out to get her college degree, hoping to join the Cornerian Military to satiate her ever-growing desire for danger and excitement.

Boriche: Father, 82, deceased
Monique: Mother, 65, deceased
Alma: Sister, 12, deceased
Blade: Brother, 20, Whereabouts Unknown, presumed deceased

Weapons- She keeps a hidden blade strapped around her ankle under her jeans. She keeps a healthy armament at her former home before moving into her dorm.

Vehicles- Suzuki Hayabusa Motorcycle

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Top Speed: 186 mph (with electronic speed limiter); approximately 203 mph (with bypassed speed limiter)

Other- She tends to scratch behind her ears with her own foot sometimes.
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