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Saphiria-Mercury O'Hedge
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Adulthood Information:
Full Name: Vincent-Constantine van Sky
Nickname: Vinc, Consi
Date of Birth: 03.11.
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Species: Falcon
Place of Birth: Zoness
Current Residence: Zoness
Height: 5'10 ft
Weight: 165'3 lbs
- Parents: Saphiria-Mercury O'Hedge & Falco Lombardi
- Siblings: Noel O'Hedge (younger Sister)
- Others: Olivia-Emera & Richard O'Hedge (Grandparents)
Job/s: Seller inside a music store (part time), Student (Cornerian Flight Academy)
- Food/s: Fried eggs with spinach, Pizza
- Drink/s: Cherry juice, milk
- Sweet/s: Any kind as long as it has sour flavor
- Sport/s: Basketball, In-line skating
- Color/s: None
- Musicgenre/s: R'n'B, Jazz, Rock
- Freetime Activity/ies: Hanging around with his friends, study
Likes: Reading books, being outside, learning new things
Dislikes: The behaviors of his father and sister, arguments, spoiled youngsters
Strength/s: High memory power, concentrated, tidy
Weakness/es: Sometimes a bit clumsy
Weapon/s: Photon Whip, Hand gun
Alignment: Good
Theme Song: 5oul 0n D!splay [by Daiki Kasho & Jonathan Underdown]

~Positive/Negative Behaviours:
+ Calm, friendly, polite, good listener, tolerant
- Too curious, distrustful towards strangers, sometimes a small stubborn

~Personality (Short description):
A friendly and calm falcon. Vincent was raised as a young gentleman that never refuses to help others and always carries a warm smile in his face. He loves to give others some advices when they ask for it and respects their opinions, though he can be a very curious one and sticks his beak a bit too much inside the topic. There's no way he opens himself when he meets new people that are acting suspicious, so it might happen that his stubborn lights the day.

Vincent cares very much about his family and friends. His mother is the strongest hold he has, there's always a reason to help her out no matter if it's a small or a big request; he loves to carry all her works on his shoulders so she has some time for herself. Though he loves his younger sister Noel, like every sibling they often fight about 'this and that', giving him a hard time to figure out what's bothering her. It's a 'love/hate' thing he always says.
The biggest issue is his father who barely is at home due to his mercenary job. He understands that he has much to do and can't be around all the time, but the older Vincent became the more he realized that his father behaves like an idiot at times which often puts those two into arguments. Without mentioning it clearly he's afraid that his father could get into great trouble, a sign that he cares more about him than he wants to admit.

There's nothing much to say about his friends. He respects them in the way they respect him, always having great times.

He never had contact to the Star Fox Team personally, but he answers their calls when his parents aren't around.

Vincent grew up to a polite and responsible man, finished school with very good notes and entered the Cornerian Flight Academy, nonvotulary. While his mother wanted him to do as he please his father managed to register him on the Academy so he was able to become a good pilot, something that led them into a big argument and slowly broke the once good bond they had. Not only does he need to deal with the Academy, he also has a part time job inside a music store and still needs to take care of Noel, who evolved into a stubborn rebel that often skips school. If he could he would break up the Academy, but he isn't the type of personality who starts something just to quit it later on, also he made new friends he didn't wanted to lose. By the time he's at home he trains the Healing Hand ability that his mother taught him, a small gift of her to make sure he never gets too badly injured.

~Skills [Assault System]:
Health: ***
Speed: ***
Jump: ***
Flight: ****
Land: ***
Foot: ***

~Special feature/s: Like his mother Vincent possesses the power of healing wounds from inside to outside, known as 'Healing Hand'. He still needs to train this ability.

Appearance: Vincent Reference
~Arwing Information:
#1 Name: Breaking Havoc
Pilot/Owner: Vincent-Constantine
Speed: 3.0 MACH

- Basic: Arctic blue (nearly white)
- Wingtips: Arctic blue with small dark blue tribals on it
- Others: Green lights on the end of the wings, creating a color stream behind it

Weapon: Hyper Twin Laser & Smart bombs
A more powerful laser that makes more damage than normal ones, yellow colored. It can carry 2 smart bombs at a time which can deal great damage and ratio.

Origin: An way too early present of Falco, hoping that his son will take good care of it when he's traveling from planet to planet and mastering the Flight Academy.

#2 Name: Arwing II
Pilot/Owner: Vincent-Constantine, Cornerian Flight Academy
Speed: 3.0 MACH

- Basic: White
- Wingtips: Wings are fully blueish/violet colored
- Others: Caries the Cornerian Symbol underneath both sides of the cockpit

Weapon: Normal Lasers & Smart bombs
Standart equipment of an Arwing for combat training.

Origin: Training airplane of the Flight Academy. Only available there.
~Designed: 2010.11.25, Redesigned: 2013.01.08
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