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Okay, I've saved the character references on my laptop so I know what characters I still need to work on. Currently my slots are overwhelming so I need to put a stop somewhere. I have plenty things to work on :lol:

Also a big 'thanks' to you, Kursed, for fixing my URLs!

Currently I am working on...
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I don't know, but I like how this one turned out. I'm a huge self critic, so not every picture that I've made will come in color.

Last picture I submitted was (Warning! Mature folder On: Nudity):
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Just a small collection of bird characters. Falco Lombardi from Star Fox, Birdy from Bomberman Jetterz (next to Falco on the right), Tori Cloudstep who belongs to me (next to Falco on the left) and Raven-Alison Wingeye who belongs to my best friend (underneath Falco).
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