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Here is one that I had when I was 13.

Well it was about 1:00 p.m. (in the nightmare) and I was about 3 or 4 years old and I was looking at an old house from the back yard. It was getting cold so I decided to head inside. there was two doors, a screen one and a wooden one. The screen was torn and the wooden was half way off it's hinges. As I walked in I shut the wooden door behind me, It was dim but I could see well enough to make out the walls and floor. Tile was torn up and the wallpapper was old and worn, there was bits of glass on the floor mold and milldew was everywhere. I walked past a kitten and I saw half a pan of corn bread... the other half was filled with roaches. I continued down a hallway and I heard the faint sound of crying so I went down the hall to see who it was. I walked until I came to the second door to my left and walked in. I saw a woman on a bed... sobbing I walked up next to the bed and suddenly I ask "Mommy? What's wrong?" but this woman wasn't my mother and on that note I sprang awake my heart pounding in my chest...

I soon came to find out that this nightmare was actuly a memory and that it was my life before I was adopted and that woman was actuly my mother.
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