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That's a good nightmare description, but old topic is old. I remember the dream I had...

A while ago, I had a dream where I met a fox that was just lying there in a cardboard box. Can't remember the exact details, but we quickly became friends. It really liked me, and I could communicate with it. Later on down the line I had more dreams on a rare occasion that involved it, until that night.

It had been awhile since I last had a dream about it, and it knew too, because it practically lept into my arms and started licking my face. I had to go do something and left it to go do its own thing until I found the skin of the top of its back attached to the top of its head, its face locked in an eternal scream. I found out later that my mom did that with the excuse of her saying that she felt that I shouldn't keep one as a pet. I was devistated, because we were very close. However, upon closer inspection, it was looking less and less like my friend, the fur color was lighter than his, and I knew it was intelligent enough to not be caught by her. It kinda looked like a wolf's skin and head. Plus I found a note that suggested otherwise, but I can't remember a word it said. When I woke up, I was very confused and scared for it.

We were closer than you might think.
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