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I always found those little metal feet kinda creepy on the SNES Star Fox character furry models. I wondered, were those just the bases to hold up the furry models? Were the feet never supposed to be in the photos, were the photos originally only meant to be from the waist up? Maybe so.

Well, let's test this intention by doing a tally of shots on the box and instruction manual!

Fox Full-body/Upper-only: 4/3
Falco Full-body/Upper-only: 2/3
Slippy Full-body/Upper-only: 2/3
Peppy Full-body/Upper-only: 2/3

TOTAL Full-body/Upper-only: 10/12

I would think that if they weren't intended to be shown full-body, the proportion would be a lot less than nearly half-and-half, but meh.

It's too bad they won't make real-life furry models of the characters now!
*really wants a life-size Wolf model*

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