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Good points you brought up there, Julius :D

Yes, the reckless and hot-headed behavior might cause some trouble, especially if he would be the leader of the Star Fox Team. Oh god, scrap that idea.

Mostly I think that some people have a very wrong picture of him. All we know is that he was the leader of the "Hot Rodders" ("Free as a Bird" in the original Version, it also was changed officially by Nintendo with the 3Ds version of Star Fox64) and he broke it up because of Star Fox, but what else? I often read that he was quitting the Cornerian (flight) Academy, but is this true or false information that was brought of by fans of the Star Fox Franchise? I don't really know. He is also the only one of the main character cast who hasn't leaked anything about his parents, not like Fox having James as an awesome pilot father or Slippy with his genius scientist/inventor father Beltino.

For me as someone who likes Falco (not being a total freaky fangirl of course), I started to think more about his whole design and backstory.

As we know most characters that are acting like Falco Lombardi (Zero from Megaman X/Zero, Vaughn or any other character from the Harvest Moon franchise, Shadow from Sonic the Hedgehog and many more) have different but mostly made negative experiences in their life which caused them to act coldhearted, hot blooded and 'assy'. Some companies reveal the causing of that behavior, some don't, and Falco is one of the Anti-Heroes that never spoke about his past nor did the company leaked any information that could give the fans any hints. Some people might love, some people hate him for being the way he is, often leading to many misunderstandings in his personality in a whole.

Everybody now knows that Falco Lombardi was actually a Pheasant since the interview with Iwata. It was odd to hear it after many years passed away since the release of the original Star Fox game back in 1993, and they changed his race from a Pheasant to a Falcon without changing anything on his appearance. My thoughts of Falco got twisted up by that point that makes me think of him as kind of a Hybrid. He acts like a Falcon since they ARE birds of Prey (and he is calling his enemies 'prey'), but he still has Pheasant traits in his face, even if it's actually just the red feather patches around his eyes and the head design.

I'm not sure if it's just the lag of creativity by that point or if Nintendo actually wanted to give us a 'hint', and Falco was the only "technicolor wildlife" character (besides of Katt and the blue cat boy who doesn't count as main characters but as important sub-characters, especially in Falco's past) before Krystal came into the franchise (though the arctic foxes have very light blue fur). It may be the old cliché that his parents never cared about him and was the outsider because of his unusual appearence or the fact he may be a Hybrid. Katt, the nameless cat boy, Bowzor and Mousor were the only one's who actually respected him which may lead him to quit the Academy or even Highschool (or to skip school sometimes) and starting a street gang. There can be many different reasons of why Falco is the way he is, he can even be very responsible and actually hard working for a big career so he is the more serious and focusing character type. No one can actually tell.

The other interesting fact is the relationship between him and Katt. Many fans like or dislike this couple. I'm neither a lover or hater, but I see those two as 'brother and sister'. Some people say the 'Farewell, beloved Falco' Manga was non-canon, but since it was officially developed under Nintendo's eyes it's CANON (Attention to those who don't really know differences between MANGA and DOUJINSHI: Manga is ALWAYS official, DOUJINSHIs are ALWAYS fan created stuff), and it focuses on the story why Falco left the Team between Star Fox64 and Star Fox Adventures but also on the relationship of him, Katt and the rest of his old gang. The most famous part amongst the Falco x Katt fans is the point of where they were talking about boyfriend/girlfriend, and the Manga was, at least at this point, totally screwed.

In Japanese terms there doesn't exist "he" or "she", it is always a neutral term that can be used for both male and female, same goes with "watashi wa" (I am), something that can lead to misunderstandings very quickly.

- In the fan Scanlation of the Manga Katt asked Falco if he has found a girlfriend yet, where he said he never had and never will. I don't want to say it's badly translated, but there might be a small 'fan influence' in the translation which makes it hard to tell if it's a good or bad Scanlation.

- In the original Japanese version though Katt is asking if he has a 'lover', where he said that "if he falls in love (or not), it depends on the person he falls in love with", giving us a slight more sensitive and natural response to this question. And remember, there is no 'he' or 'she' in japanese, so 'lover' can be both female OR male. It's a neutral term. So in fact it is still not really clear if he's Straight, Gay or even Asexual, but he seems to be okay with either a male or a female life partner (Go away with the entire FOX BELONGS TO FALCO and KATT AND FALCO ARE MEANT FOR EACH OTHER!!!!! stuff. Give it a break for once. WE DON'T WANT COUPLE WAR HERE).

On the other hand though Falco seems still to be single in the Endings of Command, so it might be that he never finds the 'real partner' or is actually just a platonic relationship person, means that he isn't romantic involved with someone but still cares about those who he respects and 'loves' and shares a platonic relationship as long life partners. Coming to this point it seems like that Katt is nothing more than just a little sister figure in his life, and that he was tired of 'saving her ass everytime' and that she needs to 'grow up by herself', probably one of the other reasons why he broke up the gang, making Katt getting strong and a responsible adult by her own with "force". He knows that Katt loves him, but he didn't feel the same way as her, that's probably the reason why he is acting natural as we know him towards her, showing her every time that he doesn't have romantical feelings for her at all, but still cares about her (as seen at the end of Zoness).

Mostly it seems like that he does have a 'heart of gold' but doesn't want to show any weakness that may lead him to get soft and being an easy target for any kind of threat, but he made a good development between Star Fox64 to Star Fox Assault, showing that he isn't perfect though being a high ranked pilot and that he is a bit more cooperative and calm (but easy to provoke).
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