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Falco was meant to be a pheasant back in the character concept development, but they changed his race to a falcon later on. The name "Falco" is also from a japanese child story where the main character was a pheasant called Falco. Even Fox's name was inspired by a japanese baseball team. It was also interesting that Slippy was inspired by some joke works by some Nintendo employees. Someone always wrote "ribbit, ribbit" on his papers so they created a frog character. I don't really remember the part with Peppy, but I believe this was also a child's story.

Oh yes, his Brookyn accent in Assault and SSBB was very fitting. Also I believe the thing with the "Free as a Bird" gang was inspired by New York or so, any place that is full of gangs. And no, I don't feel offended at all, I felt the same way with Falco's voice back in Adventure xD

Yooou could say that I 'researched' xD I love to think about complicated characters and trying to get behind the past of them, though it will be fan related for eternity.
Your thoughts of Falco Lombardi? · General Star Fox