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Julius Quasar
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Saphiria-Mercury O'Hedge
Aug 19 2012, 10:02 AM
Falco was meant to be a pheasant back in the character concept development, but they changed his race to a falcon later on. The name "Falco" is also from a japanese child story where the main character was a pheasant called Falco. Even Fox's name was inspired by a japanese baseball team. It was also interesting that Slippy was inspired by some joke works by some Nintendo employees. Someone always wrote "ribbit, ribbit" on his papers so they created a frog character. I don't really remember the part with Peppy, but I believe this was also a child's story.

Oh yes, his Brookyn accent in Assault and SSBB was very fitting. Also I believe the thing with the "Free as a Bird" gang was inspired by New York or so, any place that is full of gangs. And no, I don't feel offended at all, I felt the same way with Falco's voice back in Adventure xD

Oh, I see...wow, thanks for the info on that!

Oh cool, I thought it might be a Brooklyn accent. Oh cool, "Free as a bird gang" was real? I never knew that! Cool! Glad you weren't offended, and I'm also glad you felt the same way about how Falco sounded in Adventures, how about that? xD

If there was swearing in any Star Fox, Falco would cuss up a storm.
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