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Yeah, you mean his selfish behavior right? This is actually something that was a bit... new since Assault to be honest. I just knew that he never shuts his beak, but being all 'selffocused' was slightly a kick in the 'balls' for me.
It's just for sure that he never would join Star Wolf since he has a big rivalry with Leon Powalski, that would only cause trouble.

No no no, there doesn't exist a real gang called 'Free as a Bird', it is just the official and real name of Falco's ex-gang since they started Star Fox, and I honestly don't know why they called it 'Hot Rodders' in other countries anyway just to put 'Free as a Bird' up in the Star Fox64 3Ds version in EVERY country. Total nonsense. I only know the 'Hell's Angels' but.... I'll say nothing because everybody should know this gang. When I said it was 'inspired by New York', I actually meaned that especially in New York are many gangs lurking around. Since Falco has Brooklyn accent and was the (ex)leader of a gang I'm sure Nintendo thought of New York or any other place in America that has to deal with street/motorbike gangs. Sorry if I confused you :lol:

I felt like "wtf Falco, stop drinking and smoking!". The Adventures voice wasn't the best voice they gave him, but still I do like Ben Cullum as music composer. He created the Star Fox Adventures soundtrack and sound effects together with David Wise afterall. Offtopic info: Ben Cullum is the older brother of Jamie Cullum, if someone knows this wonderful music artist.
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