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Julius Quasar
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Aug 19 2012, 02:37 PM

No no no, there doesn't exist a real gang called 'Free as a Bird', it is just the official and real name of Falco's ex-gang since they started Star Fox, and I honestly don't know why they called it 'Hot Rodders' in other countries anyway just to put 'Free as a Bird' up in the Star Fox64 3Ds version in EVERY country. Total nonsense. I only know the 'Hell's Angels' but.... I'll say nothing because everybody should know this gang. When I said it was 'inspired by New York', I actually meaned that especially in New York are many gangs lurking around. Since Falco has Brooklyn accent and was the (ex)leader of a gang I'm sure Nintendo thought of New York or any other place in America that has to deal with street/motorbike gangs. Sorry if I confused you :lol:

I felt like "wtf Falco, stop drinking and smoking!". The Adventures voice wasn't the best voice they gave him, but still I do like Ben Cullum as music composer. He created the Star Fox Adventures soundtrack and sound effects together with David Wise afterall. Offtopic info: Ben Cullum is the older brother of Jamie Cullum, if someone knows this wonderful music artist.
Oh boy, do I feel stupid right about now *facepaw* Sorry about that, but thanks for clearing that up.

Oh yeah, huh? Falco probably would be drinking and smoking (along with cussing, and probably even stealing) if they made Star Fox more adult. He's almost like...Bender, from Futurama.

Falco: "Bite my feathery avian ass!" xD
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