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On HarmonyDescent's Commission page:
If you're interested, send me a note and we'll get started from there! I hope to speak to a lot of you soon, and hopefully get a lot of these done.

PS: I promise to squeeze in enough time to do your request(s). Cross my heart until the day I die!

PSS: DeviantArt points are acceptable as well! All sketches are worth 5 points; outlines 7 points; outlined and shaded's 9 points; colored 12 points.

No price change for the single character head shots; multiple character head shots are +2 points for every character in the picture; couples with head shots are +3 points for each character; couples with full body are +4 points.

For example: If I wanted a full-body colored couple (2 characters), then I would pay 12 points + 4 points + 4 points = 20 points.
Hope that helps!

Then ya might want to remove that XD
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