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Kursed aj rusb!
duct tape :P

he could certainly shut his beak a few times I did a rather crudly written short story about krystal and Falco pranking each other Krystal won of course ,but that's only because at the time I didn't know about Fara miyu or fay all of which I would extreamly enjoy being in the game again (though not so much Fara unless she gives up on fox because to be honest I think Krystal is better for fox) Starfox needs more women though.

Starfox team:
(maybe Fara... I donno if Starfox wants to go into a cat fight between her and Krystal though i do like some of the Fara vs krystal art.)Posted Image (likly because unlike Most starfox art that includes women IT"S NOT JUST KRYSTAL!!)
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