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Head General of the Marauder Corps
Been a while since I updated this thread. Time for some new guns:

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RX Hybrid H4M1 Assault Disruptor Rifle
Nifty weapon that fires 7.62x51mm Hardened Uranium-Ferrite AP rounds accelerated by a nano-scale accelerator coil lining the barrel. It also comes equipped with a Kadgeron Assault Disruptor.

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HK G39M2 Assault Disruptor Rifle
A relatively new addition to my collection; fires 7.62x51mm Hardened Titanium-Tungsten AP rounds accelerated by a nano-scale accelerator coil in the barrel. Also comes equipped with an integrated red-dot sight, movable mini-scope, laser sight, flashlight, folding stock, and an integrated Assault Disruptor.
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