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Julius Quasar
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Saphiria-Mercury O'Hedge
Aug 27 2012, 11:21 PM
1. Fara would fit better to Fox, since she has at least the 'balls' to handle things all by herself without needing Fox as a extra Guard all the time. I'm neither a extrem Fara fan nor do I say it because I don't really like Krystal, it's just my opinion and I sense a small beginning of a nonsense "Fara VS Krystal" fight again which totally doesn't have to do with the main purpose of this Topic at all. Maybe a "Fara VS. Krystal" Thread should be opened, but this might end in a big nonsense war as in every other Star Fox Community...

2. Has anybody actually read my long comment about Falco and Katt at all? If yes, actually this question about WHY Falco acts like this towards Katt wouldn't come up again. He knows that she loves him, but he is more interested about a 'platonic relationship' like he shares with Fox (long life Partners in the way of working partners) and has a 'big brother love' towards Katt and nothing more, but she doesn't seem to understand that, which makes him to react rather coldhearted towards her than polite and understanding. In fact it probably pisses him off that she doesn't accept it, and WHO WOULDN'T be pissed if someone totally doesn't understand that "you" don't have romantical feelings for "him/her" even though "you" said it often enough, but that "you" still care about "him/her" as a big brother/sister?
1. I see your point, but I'm sorry to say, I don't agree with Fox and Fara...

2. Oh yeah, you're right, I forgot about that, I'm sorry Saphiria
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