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1. Like I said, it's just my opinion about Fara and Krystal. I don't want to see any nonesense war between those two or between the fans. Everybody has his/her own opinion about things and I respect yours like you respect mine.

2. It's cool Julius, though I maybe sounded rough in my reply. What I wanted to say is that this kind of 'preasure' she is giving him makes him all that annoyed and cold. I wasn't even sure what to think about the 'Star Falco' Ending in Command. Though we see it as a non-canon game, the possibility that he would rise his own Team would cause alot of trouble, probably not with (D)Ash but with him and Katt again. Making an own Team was the goal for her to be close to him again, but I think that Falco had a way differentgoing mind about that idea, since he only seems to focus about making good money and being carefree.
Your thoughts of Falco Lombardi? · General Star Fox