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Chapter 1

Todd ran down the hallway through the main building of McCloud Ranch. "FOOOX!" he shouted. He burst into the rec room, where his cousin sat watching TV. "Hey, Todd, how are you?" asked Fox McCloud. "FOXXX! We gotta talk, in private, NOW!" said Todd, his voice filled with fear and panic. "Well, okay, but I hardly see why-" Fox was cut off by his cousin shouting "RIGHT NOW, DAMMIT! This is serious!" Todd said, breathing hard. "OKAY! What is that is so important!?" asked Fox, annoyed by Todd's rudeness.

Falco Lombardi entered the room, along with Slippy Toad, Katt Monroe, and Rud "Pal" Whetherwax. "What is it that's so damn important you had to drag us all out out here!?" Falco asked Todd grumpily. Todd locked the doors to the rec room behind them, and turned up the TV. He motioned for all of them to come together in a huddle. "Lionel Duveaux has just been approved for parole!" Todd said in a horrible whisper.

"WHHHHAT!? NO!!!" came the cries of the others. "Oh crap, he knows what we did to him all those years ago, and he's gonna be pissed!" said Slippy. "We're in big freakin' trouble here!" said Falco. "This is not right!" said Katt. Pal screamed like a girl "I don't wanna die!" he shrieked. "Damn!" Fox said, partly in anger, and partly in fear. "I know, right!?" asked Todd.

"I didn't think he'd get out...we all did that thing...that night...but he's the only one who got busted." muttered Fox, reminiscing...


Years ago, When Todd, Fox, Katt, Slippy, Pal, Falco, and Lionel were much younger, they had gathered together to play with illegitimately acquired explosives. They had a habit of hanging out together, and practicing the use of these explosives. One day, things got a little out of hand...

"Todd, you there?" Fox called out in the back lot behind the dockside warehouse. "Yeah." Todd replied. "Falco there too?" asked Fox. "Yeah I'm here, so is Katt..." Falco said, his voice partly containing disdain when he mentioned Katt. "You're not gonna hog all the fun, boys!" Katt declared. "Hey guys, wait up!" Slippy's voice wafted over the fence. "Shut up Slippy, you want the whole neighborhood to find out we're here!?" Lionel snarled. "You shut up!" said Pal, jumping to Slippy's defense. "Stop acting like such a girl!" Lionel snarled at Pal. "Stop acting like such a jerk!" Slippy said, returning the favor.

Pal, Lionel, and Slippy entered the lot through the loose board in the fence. Todd climbed down from the rooftop, using the ladder that was built into the wall of the warehouse. Fox climbed over the fence on the other side of the lot from Where Slippy, Pal, and Lionel had entered. Falco and Katt came out of the storm drain pipe at the water's edge, and climbed up the rocky shore bank and into the lot.

"You guys got the stuff?" Fox asked Lionel. "Yeah, stole it from my Uncle's workplace. He'll never miss 'em!" Lionel bragged. "Guys? We can't keep doing this here forever! We might get found out eventually." said Slippy. "Why the hell do we let him tag along with us!? It's bad enough we have your cousin, the slutty tomboy cat, and the sissy girly collie!" sneered Lionel, motioning to Pal and Katt. Katt was dressed in jeans, a sports team jersey, and sneakers, and Pal was wearing a dress, slippers, and had his hair done in a feminine style. "Shut up, or you can play with those explosives by yourself, I hope you blast your hands off!" Todd squeaked in his younger voice.

"Go blow your nose, twerp!" Lionel sneered. "Shut up!" Fox said, defending his cousin. "Hey, yo, easy! Let's stop wasting time fighting, and start enjoying these explosives!" said Falco. "Fine..." sighed Lionel. They began priming the explosives, laughing, and setting off the Improvised Explosive Devices, Rockets, Missiles, Bombs, and more...They were enjoying the summer afternoon, the first day after school had let out for the holidays. They enjoyed the explosives, all down to the two last missiles they had constructed. "Ready! Fire!" Lionel set one of them off, and it rose, sputtered out, and landed on the roof of a nearby shore side warehouse.

"Ha! LAAAME!" Lionel's accomplices taunted him. "Ah, you guys didn't prime it right, I still have the other one I made myself, and it works just..." Lionel was interrupted by the rocket sputtering on top of the warehouse, and then it exploded! A fire broke out, consuming the warehouse in minutes, and SPREADING everywhere! The mills, boat houses, docks, piers, and more, all along the industrial shore line were burning like paper. The solvents and fuels stored in many of them helped the blaze spread faster than the fire sprinklers could extinguish them.

"RUUUUUN!" Katt shouted.

All of them took off.

As they escaped the yard, through the storm drain pipe, the came out of the other side of the storm drain in a nearby parking lot. The police cars pulled up. "There! Those are the kids messing with the explosives!" shouted a police officer. The thick smoke obscured the vision of the police officers, so they could only make out the outlines of Fox and his accomplices. "Freeze, you're all under arrest!" shouted the police officers.

As Fox and the others took off in multiple directions, all but one of them escaped. Todd and Lionel dashed towards the nearby alleyway, but then Lionel had shoved Todd aside, and escaped into the alleyway. Todd got up, jumped into the water and swam away, he barely missed being apprehended by the cops. Lionel was caught by the cops when the alleyway turned out to be a dead end.

Later, as Lionel was being taken into custody, the rest of the kids met up in Fox's back yard. Todd was dripping wet, but safe. "Lionel got busted!" Todd told the others, who gasped. "What if he rats us out!?" said Slippy. "He wouldn't do that...but he's gonna be mad, the fact he's the only one they busted. He'll stew in jail, and harbor a grudge!" Falco said worriedly. "Yeah, but he burned down half the industrial shore side, the docks and the piers! They'll throw away the key!" said Katt, hopefully. "Even if he rats us out, no one's going to believe him, he's a bigger trouble maker than Todd!" said Fox. Everyone laughed, even Todd, until he caught on that the joke was at his expense. "HEY! Shut up you!" he said to Fox.


Now, back in the rec room at McCloud Ranch, they stood around, all of them but Lionel. "We gotta do something, and fast!" said Todd. "Yeah, but for now, we keep quiet about what had happened. Fortunately, that fire didn't hurt or kill anyone, but we still don't want anyone else to know what we did!" said Fox. "Right! We deal with Lionel, and keep this whole dark past event a secret. Shouldn't be too hard, right!?" said Slippy.

*that's it for this chapter*

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