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Chapter 2

Pelt County Correctional Facility....

Lionel Duveaux was fitted for a new suit...afterwards, he was walked into the processing office. "Prisoner #572208, here are your personal items you had on you when you first arrived." said the guard. He took out and unsealed a brown envelope. As the guard read the items aloud from the list, he handed them over to Lionel, who took each of them one by one.


1 folding pocket hairbrush, black plastic and rubber...
1 cigarette lighter, gold plated metal with flip top opening...
1 pack of nude vixen playing cards...
2 dice, white plastic with black dots...
1 domino, white plastic with 7 multi-colored dots
1 billfold, imitation red leather, containing 1 state issued I.D. card, 1 city bus pass, 1 student I.D. Card, $33 Cornerian Credits in bill form, and 1 photo of a scantily clad female orange tigress pin-up model
1 super bouncy ball, multicolored and glow in the dark
1 Arcade token
1 bunch of keys in an imitation brown leather key wallet

Please sign here for your valuables!"

Lionel did just that. He took his file folder, and as he left, the guard at the gate asked him "So, Lionel, what are you going to do now that you're free?". As Lionel stepped out the gate, he stared at the guard and said..."I have some 'business' to take care of, for starters." with that, he boarded the bus, and was on his way to Corneria City.


"Maybe we should come clean and tell the others what we did..." said Slippy. "NO!" Todd, Katt, Fox, Falco, and Pal all shouted at once. "Are you stupid!? We can't involve the others, this is our problem! Our fault! Why would they help us!?" said Katt. "Yeah, besides, I can't risk Babs finding out, she might tell her old cop buddies it was us who caused that fire!" said Todd. "There's six of us, and one of him! We can take him down just like that!" said Falco, snapping his fingers.

"Falco's right, and so is Katt. We made this mess, we'll have to clean it up ourselves!" said Fox. "Maybe as a back up strategy, we could buy some protection in the meantime!" suggested Pal. "How are condoms supposed to help us!?" Todd asked Pal. "No, dummy, not that kind of protection! He means we should hire someone to protect us while we plan for Lionel's 'arrival'..." Katt said, rolling her eyes at Todd's stupid question. Slippy giggled at what Todd had said.

"Yeah, but who...?" asked Fox.

*that's it for this chapter*
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