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Chapter 3

"Who should we hire? Todd, what about your in-laws?" asked Pal. "No. I can't risk Lola finding out, and asking a bunch of questions...plus, they'll wanna know why Lionel's after us, and when they find out about the wharf fire, we're screwed. They'll use it against us as blackmail." said Todd. "Maybe we could ask your old hot rodder buddies?" Slippy asked Falco. "Pffft! Not a chance!" said Katt, rolling her eyes. "Yeah, besides, they wouldn't wanna get involved with Me and Katt anymore." Falco said.

"Fox, you know anyone?" asked Todd. "No." said Fox, shaking his head. "Slippy?" asked Todd. "Get real!" said Slippy. "Pal?" Todd asked. "Not really." Pal replied. "CRAP!" Todd said. "Well, believe it or not, there is...ONE group we can turn to..." said Fox, looking out the window...


Wolf O'Donnell, Leon Powalski, and Panther Carosoe, were hanging out in their headquarters in the slums of Macbeth. "Got a great deal on this dump..." Wolf commented, chuckling, as he polished the last spot on his Wolfen. "Yeah, and it's in a part of town the inhabitants of this planet are afraid to go into." said Leon, calibrating the laser cannons on his Wolfen. "It's very becoming, in an 'Ironic' and 'Industrial Chic' sort of way." said Panther. The other two rolled their eyes at Panther's comment.

There was a knocking noise at the door. "What the hell!?" Wolf asked, grabbing his laser pistol. Panther and Leon armed themselves as well. "Who's there!?" said Wolf. "It's us." said Todd, Falco, Katt, Fox, Slippy, and Pal at the same time. "What are you jerks doing here!?" said Wolf, angry at being found out so soon. "Where's the rest of ya'!?" asked Leon. "What do you want!?" asked Panther.

"We want your help." said Todd. "It's just the six of us." said Pal. "We wanna talk to you...in private!" said Katt. "May we come in?" asked Slippy. "This isn't a trick!" said Falco.

Wolf looked confusedly at his teammates, then unlocked the warehouse door. "Come in." he said. Fox, Falco, Slippy, Katt, Todd, and Pal came in. "What's this crap all about!?" asked Wolf. Fox explained about wanted to hire Star Wolf for protection, and how an ex-con was out to get them. He made sure not to mention as to why the ex-con was after them, but he made his point clear. He also told Star Wolf that the rest of Team Star Fox was in the dark about the whole thing, and had to remain in the dark about it.

"...so, will you help us!?" asked Fox.

Wolf, Leon, and Panther huddled and whispered, for about twenty minutes. Then they approached the Star Fox Team. "We'll do it, but you'll pay us THIS amount each month." said Leon, holding up a food wrapper with a figure written on it. The seven Star Fox team members looked at the figure, and then nodded to each other, grudgingly. "Yeah, that's fine." said Fox.

"As a down payment, we want something from TODD!" said Panther, grinning from ear to ear. "What?" Todd asked uneasily. "We each want a poster sized image of that smoking hot wife of yours, topless." said Panther. Todd looked like he'd swallowed a lemon and a lime simultaneously. "I..." he said. "We'll do it!" said Falco. Todd glared at Falco. "What!? Your wife performs topless in those showgirl outfits all the time, you have plenty of extra posters!" said Falco to him. Todd sighed. "Fine. I'll give three of those posters, and you guys help protect us?" he said to Star Wolf. They nodded, each of them with huge grins on their faces.

"We'll be right back." Todd said, taking Fox with him. A couple of hours later, they returned with the posters of Lola Foxglove, Todd's wife, in topless showgirl outfits. "Here." Todd handed a rolled up poster to Wolf, Leon, and Panther. They unrolled the posters, and drooled. "BEWBS!" shouted Leon. "BEWBS!" said Wolf. "BOOOBIESS!" said Panther. "I knew Lola had a hot rack!" he added. "I'm taking mine to the bathroom!" said Leon. "I'm taking mine up to my room for a while!" said Panther. "Wait! You guys gonna help us!? We delivered on our end of the deal!" said Falco. "Well, sure, we'll help you. We'll make Lionel Duveaux leave you alone!" said Wolf.

The Star Fox team left, still hearing the Star Wolf team shouting "BEWBS!" back in the warehouse. "Men!" Katt said. "Hey, thanks Todd, we know that wasn't easy for you." said Falco. "Yeah...but those posters can be purchased for a fair price." said Todd. "Or downloaded for free!" said Slippy, chuckling. "Yeah, plus Lola performs in front of crowds, though not always topless." said Todd. "Yeah, sometimes she's completely naked!" joked Fox. "If I wasn't caught up in this as well, I wouldn't have given those guys the posters, and the six of you would be screwed right now." Todd grumbled. "Unless we just went out and bought them." said Pal, making everyone else, even Todd, laugh.

A week later, Fay ran into the rec room of McCloud Hall, Todd and Lola's home. "Everyone, turn on the TV! Star Wolf got the crap beat out of them!" she said. The whole Star Fox team filed into the media room, and Lola turned on the TV. "Today a grim incident of gangland violence took place in down town Corneria City, just near the Historic District's 'Dawn View Hotel'. The notorious 'Star Wolf' mercenary gang was found near the old hotel, savagely beaten, and nearly dismembered. Police are baffled as to..." the red bespectacled vixen continued her report, as a chill ran through Todd, Fox, Katt, Falco, Slippy, and Pal.

Later that day, the seven of them took a cab and visited the hospital where they had hear Star Wolf was staying. The visited Wolf, Leon, and Panther. "Did Lionel do this!?" asked Todd, when they saw Wolf. "Yeah, we told him to leave you guys alone, said you had hired us to protect you..UGH!" Wolf said, barely able to speak. "Oh man, you told him that!?" Slippy asked frantically. "Okay folks, these three need to rest now, they've been through a lot." said the nurse, ushering them out. "We just wanted to check on them." said Slippy. "That's okay, you seven are the only visitors they've had. I'm glad they have someone like you who cares about them." said the nurse, clueless as to the relationship between them and Star Wolf. As they left, the nurse said quietly to Katt "I don't know who did this to them, or exactly why they did it, but I know for sure, I wouldn't want to be on the aggressor's bad side!". "Yeah..." Katt said, looking away.

As they headed home in the taxi, Todd said "We gotta do something, guys...that could happen to us!"

*That's it for this chapter*
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