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Kursed aj rusb!
Okay i'm a crappy drawling person and i can't get this but I have this image in my head of a wolf helmet, however this helmet has some specifics...

I needs 2 eye holes either in the shape of triangles or small slits the helmet(or some other shape that would allow vision). nasaul holes are optional in the helmet.

It needs to be a rigid design like the F-117 Nighthawk however as this is a canine it doesn't need to be completely all triangles but if it cannot include a lot Rounded parts it needs to be mostly angled.

This helmet will be a female one size fit all for my Wolf characters.
Ruby,Lupe,Tala, andAlessia so She-wolf helmet.

I will choose the winner based on my imaginary design and the winner's entry will be used in my charater sheet or somethign with proper credit where it is due. I know it's not much ,but I'm asking you guys nicely and i need help... so let the contest begin....

Contest end:10/06/2012(unless i need to extend it.)

and here's my crappy version
Posted Image
this is by no means how i want it to look ,but as you can see it's well all angled like a f-117 though i don't know how to do the muzzle section.

My best Description of it:(The helmet has alot of sharp edges lik the f-117 with only the end of the muzzle ending up in a retangle for the snout but no air holes in the nose it's just very pointy and )
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