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Chapter 4

The phone rang at McCloud Hall. Lola picked it up before Todd, who was in the shower, ran dripping wet and naked into the library where Lola was already on the phone. "Yes? Todd?" Lola looked at Todd, who shook his head. Lionel's angry voice emanated from the phone "I know he's there! I know you live there with him. You tell Todd I'll be seeing him and the others real soon!" the line went dead.

"Okay, what the hell was that all about!?" asked Lola suspiciously.

"Lola, can you keep a secret?" Todd asked. "Depends....how big a secret!? Why were you, Katt, Falco, Fox, Pal, and Slippy looking so scared when you heard about Star Wolf getting beat up!?" Lola asked. "Well...years ago, wait, you promise not to tell anyone!?" Todd asked. "I won't..." said Lola. "You 'won't' promise!?" Todd asked, making sure to stop any loophole that Lola could exploit in either of their words. "I won't tell, I promise!" said Lola, her fingers crossed behind her back, under her cape.

"Okay...here's what happened..." Todd said. He told Lola everything, about Lionel, the fires, and how he, Katt, Fox, Slippy, Pal, and Falco left Lionel to take the blame. He also explained about hiring Star Wolf, even telling Lola how she paid them "...so that's it. I'm sorry." Todd said. "What, about the topless showgirl posters!? That's not an issue! You can get those posters from all over the place. But you and the others involved are in big trouble! Now I see why you didn't go to my family for help, this is a touchy situation. I may know someone who can help..." Lola said.

"Who!?" asked Todd. "Not now. Tomorrow." Lola said, kissing Todd...


Todd and Lola headed for the suburbs, where they stopped outside a nice looking home. They went to the front door and rang the bell. A lovely red vixen answered the door, she was wearing workout leotards, tights, wrist sweatbands, a head sweatband, sneakers, and leg warmers. "Angela Reginhard? It's me, Lola. This is my husband Todd McCloud. Todd, Angela!" said Lola. "Come in!" said Angela, excitedly. She let them in.

"How are you?" asked Lola. "I'm fine! You?" she asked. "I'm good, but my husband Todd is in danger!" said Lola. She explained everything, even about the fire being caused by Todd, Fox, Falco, Katt, Pal, and Slippy, and how Lionel was left to take the fall. Todd cringed at hearing this, but Lola gave Todd a warning glance before he could put his hand over her mouth. "...and that's how it is. Todd, I'm sorry to rat you out, but I DID have my fingers crossed last night, and it was the only way to get Angela's help. I gave her your secret, now she can let you in on her secret." Lola said.

"What secret is that?" asked Todd. "The secret that I, Angela Reginahard, am actually a SUPER HEROINE!" said Angela. "Really?" asked Todd. "Yes, and I will help you, quid pro quo, since this is your fault, along with your other team mates who were involved in that fire. You'll owe me a favor after this!" said Angela. "Fair enough. Thank you!" said Todd. "Fine...this looks like a job for...." Angela raced upstairs....after twenty minutes of waiting, Todd and Lola looked at each other, shrugged, and went upstairs to find Angela.

They found her in her bedroom, making an awful mess, dumping her bureau drawers out onto the bed and sifting through the pile of clothes she had made there. "...'FOR'?" Lola asked, trying to get Angela to complete her sentence. "Damn it! A.L.F.R.E.D. must have put my cowl, mask, head scarf, and sunglasses in the wrong drawer!" said Angela, who was wearing purple knee high, high heeled boots, white stockings, black, long sleeve leotards with a purple fox paw print on the front of them, purple elbow length gloves, a purple utility belt, a purple cape, usually hidden inside her tie wrap dress (which turns inside out to convert to a purple cape, regardless of the color of that dress).

A robot entered the room, holding a head scarf and shatterproof safety sunglasses as well as a black hood and purple eye mask with darkened eye-holes (the cowl and mask are hidden in her headscarf). "My apologies madam. I was cleaning your sunglasses, head scarf, mask, and cowl for you." it said in a deep voice and a classy accent. "Ah, yes, thank you A.L.F.R.E.D." said Angela. She put on her head cowl, sunglasses, and mask, along with her head scarf. "Guys, this is 'A.L.F.R.E.D', Automated Loyal Fulfilling Routine Errands Droid, who aids me in my daily and special tasks. Speaking of which, please clean up this pile of clothes on my bed and put them back in the drawers." Angela said. "Right away, madam." said A.L.F.R.E.D. As A.L.F.R.E.D. was about to start on his task, he saluted Todd and Lola. "Good day to you both." he said. "That's Todd McCloud, and his wife Lola Foxglove, though I believe you've met her before." Angela told A.L.F.R.E.D. Todd waved to A.L.F.R.E.D. "Yes, good to see you again madame Lola, and nice to meet you master Todd." said A.L.F.R.E.D.

Angela nodded, and then said "To repeat what I said before, 'THIS LOOKS LIKE A JOB FOR....ÜBERVIXEN!!!' Defender of...those in trouble, I guess." she said, the breeze from the open window blowing her cape to the side. She walked over and shut the window. "Thanks!" said Todd. "No problem!" Übervixen aka Angela Reginhard replied.

Ubervixen stood there before Todd and Lola; tall, lean, slightly muscular, very fit and well built. "I normally wouldn't help you, given the circumstances, but I'll do it to help Team Star Fox." she said. "Plus we'll owe you one, me, Fox, Falco, Katt, Slippy, and Pal." said Todd. "YES!!! Now, I..wait-what do you think we should do now?" asked Angela. "We'll meet with Fox and the others at my place, I'll tell them to come over, just the 'shifty six'..." said Todd. The girls giggled at Todd. "That's a good one Todd." said Lola.

They went back to Todd's place, and called Fox. "...okay, we'll be over shortly." said Fox.

Meanwhile, in his shabby hotel room, Lionel was bench pressing weights, the words "Love" and "Hate" written on his fingers. He did dips, push ups, sit ups, crunches, squat thrusts, and then...

"And jump, and dip, and flex, and bounce! And jump, and dip, and flex, and bounce! And jump, and dip, and flex, and bounce!" said the cute silver vixen wearing leotards, legwarmers, sneakers, wrist sweatbands, and head sweatband, while she was performing the workout moves on the workout program on the tv. "And jump, and dip, and flex, and bounce!" said Lionel along with the vixen, as he copied her actions along with her words.

*that's it for this chapter*
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