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[OOC]To those who were waiting for this RP - welcome to Dragon'taan. For those of you who are new to this, if you haven't already, read here for the rules: Dragon'taan - Heart of the Marauder Corps Presentation

Now that we all know the rules, let's begin...[/OOC]

A massive TDIG portal opened up in orbit of Dragon'taan and it's large moon, New Cerinia, and the multi-kilometer-long Marauder-class Star Dreadnought Dragon's Rage exited the portal. Moments later, it closed.

"Helm, one-half forward," Indari commanded. "Let's put to spacedock."

"One-half forward, aye," the helmsman responded. The massive warship moved, headed for the spacedock specifically tailored for the sixteen kilometers of warship that was the flagship of the Marauder Corps. When it finally put to spacedock, Indari rose from his seat, passed on his orders, and then headed for one of the hangars. From there, he took a shuttlecraft down to the surface of Dragon'taan - right to his estate. Once inside, he shut the doors, and began to slump out of his uniform.

Heavy footfalls came from behind him, and Kyle immediately knew who it was.

"Welcome back, son," said a deep, heavy-accented voice.

Draco, Kyle's dragon father.

Kyle turned to face the aging dragon, and greeted him. "Hi, dad."

"How'd the trip go?" Draco asked.

"Same way it always does - more or less without a hitch."

And so, father and son conversed, while the Dragon'taan sun began to sink from it's high perch in the sky...

(That's it for getting this started. Add your contribution! Join whenever you want, as whomever you want, leave and come back whenever you want. Just enjoy this. :)
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