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(Uh, Kursed, Kyle's down planetside. At his home.)

As Kyle conversed with Draco, his Comm unit beeped. Kyle grumbled and Draco chuckled as Kyle answered, "Indari here."

"Sir, we have... two Cerinian warships, the Aurora and the Borealis, asking for you," responded the communications officer.

"Friends of yours?" Draco asked.

"Yep," Kyle affirmed. "Roger that, direct them to the closest open spacedock and direct them down to the Bellator Bar, I'll meet them there."

Kyle shut off the radio and Draco chuckled, "Kiddo, you certainly have a way with people."

"Says the old Dovah whose son is a dragon-shifter," Kyle responded as he got into a set of grey armored robes. He clipped his lightsabers to his belt, then threw a grey cloak over his shoulders. "You want to meet my old friends, come on." He stepped outside, shifting to his crimson-scaled dragon form as his father stepped outside, and they both took to the air.
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