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Chapter 5

The entire Star Fox team arrived at McCloud Hall. "What the hell, you told them!?" Todd asked Fox, Katt, Falco, Slippy, and Pal. "You told, too!" said Slippy, pointing to Lola and Übervixen. "Well, I'm keeping a secret for her, and I owe her a favor for her help, since Star Wolf failed." said Todd. "Tomato, tom-O-to, you snitch!" said Falco. "Feather-duster!" said Todd. "Liquor stain!" Falco shit back. "Bird-turd!" Todd shot back. "SHUT UP! Both of you!" shouted Tigress.

"I told them, Todd. It's time we came clean. They have agreed to help us, if we also confess and apologize to the general public about what we did all those years ago. We have to atone for our mistakes, and make amends. No more running from our past!" said Fox. "Well...crap okay. That won't make everyone forgive us, but it is what it is." said Todd. "Falco said the same thing, as did I..." said Katt.

Fox, Falco, Katt, Slippy, Todd, and Pal went into Todd's study, as Akasha and Silas set up the camera. They made an internet public apology video about what they had done, regarding the dock fire all those years ago, and how Lionel had been caught and blamed for the whole accident, though for the most part it was technically his fault, but they hoped that he would accept their apology and forgive them in time.

They also apologized to team Star Wolf for getting them beaten up by Lionel.

After they were done, they went into the rec room, and Tigress said "Okay, great! Now, who's this here?" she asked, pointing to Übervixen, who smiled, and stood on the footstool after turning on the nearby electric fan. "I...am ÜBERVIXEN!!! Defender of those in need, advocate for justice and freedom!" she said, as her cape blew sideways behind her as she posed dramatically. Tigress sighed and rolled her eyes, as the rest of the Star Fox Team except for Todd, Lola, Madame Vulpine, and Misty, laughed.

"Is she serious!?" asked Katt. "You bet I'm serious, pink trampy cat!" said Übervixen. "Hey! Who you callin' trampy!?" said Katt, ready to advance on her. "C'mon, not in the rec room!" said Lola, holding Katt back. "She really thinks she's a super heroine. I know. The police force is always fussing about her vigilante style meddling and crazy antics." said Babs. "I don't 'think' I'm a super heroine, I KNOW I'm a super heroine! And my antics are not 'crazy', they're stoic! Honorable! Brave! Noble!" said Übervixen. "You forgot to add 'sanctimonious' and 'over the top'." Babs said. "That'll do...'CHUBBY BUNNY'!" said Übervixen, with a smirk on her face. "Whatever, action ZERO-INE!" said Babs.

"I just looove your outfit!" said Pal, looking at what Übervixen was wearing. "You like any female's sexy outfit, Pal!" said Fay. "Uh oh, Übervixen, Pal's gonna copy your look!" said Todd, laughing. Everyone else laughed too. "Okay, now, what are we going to do about Lionel? He's gonna be mad, and I doubt he'll forgive us!" said Fox. "We'll have to hide out, lure him to someplace quiet, and wait for him to come to us, then we can engage and destroy him." said Todd. "Well, that sounds like a plan..." said Falco nonchalantly.

They worked that afternoon to discuss what to do...

Meanwhile, Lionel watched the internet video..."You fools think you can just confess and apologize publicly, and I'll just let you go!? I rotted in prison all those years, and you're gonna pay!" he said to the computer screen...

*that's it for this chapter*
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