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Chapter 6

"Let's get out of here!" Todd said. "Where are we going to hide?" asked Pal. "Zoness!" Todd replied. "Zoness!?" replied everyone else. "Yeah! We can use Slippy's dad's new houseboat he has docked at mine and Lola's vacation home!" said Todd. "Yeah, and if Lionel shows up, we can pull up the anchor and sail away, unless he also has a boat or a flying aircraft." said Lola, rolling her eyes.

"It's settled then, let's go!" said Falco! "Wait a minute, guys!" Fox said. But Todd, Katt, Pal, and Falco were already getting in the Malestrom with Lola, Misty, Übervixen, and the flew off to the grocery store. "Any excuse to go to Zoness!" Fara said, chuckling. "It's gonna be a long trip." said Fox, shaking his head and face palm-ing.


Hours later, they arrived at Zoness, and they headed for Todd and Lola's beach home, a fisherman's wharf and cannery converted to a luxury residence. Beltino's house boat was parked there, it was a larger and nicer version of the house boat from the movie which this fan fic is based upon. Slippy then shouted "Everyone! Hang on a second! This is my dad's new houseboat, we have to be care..." but Todd interrupted him, shouting "Pile in, everyone! No time to wipe your feet!". *CRASH!* "Oops! Sorry Slippy! But don't worry, that lamp was kinda ugly anyway! I'll clean it up!" Edge shouted from inside the ship.

Slippy sighed exasperatingly, and went in with them.

Meanwhile, Lionel got out of his flying taxicab car that was driven by a parrot, who sounded and dressed like a Rastafarian Jamaican. "Eh, mon'! 'Ere we are, Planet Zoness! Dat'll be three hundred credits, aye'!"

Lionel gave him a wad of Cornerian Credits, and said "Keep the change!". "'EEEEEYYYY! Thanks, me friend! You is good people now!" He sped away, and Lionel headed down the street of the resort town. He stepped on a rake, and it flew up and the end of the handle bonked him in the face. *WHOMP!* "Nnnhhrrrhhhrrrgggbrrrg!" Lionel grumbled, tossing the rake aside.

"We should get to another harbor, temporarily. Perhaps someplace a little more...'private'. I'll chip in on the fuel and marina fees!" said Todd. "Let's go to Cape Fur!" said Fay. "Yeah, that or find a nice island!" said Fara. "Guys, aren't we making the same mistake as before, and just running away from out problems?" said Miyu. "You're saying you 'don't want a vacation'!?" asked Todd, winking at her. "Oh, no, not at all!" said Miyu, smiling.

"Just please stop messing up my dad's boat! You guys haven't been here for 5 hours yet, and I've already found the jacuzzi full of brine shrimp, the couch is torn up, and SOMEBODY broke the TV!" complained Slippy. "I'll fix the TV, Todd just messed up the programming!" Akasha said, working on the TV programming after picking up the remote. "I did not! It was Kylie!" Todd said. "It was YOU, Todd, I haven't even been in the media room yet." Kylie replied.

Akasha fixed the TV, and the team relaxed for the afternoon, after agreeing to set sail for Cape Fur the next morning. But they also agreed that later that week, they would sail back to town and see a performance play at Madame Vulpine's theater, "The H.M.S. Pelt-a-Fur".

*that's it for this chapter*
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