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"Got it," Kyle said over the encrypted channel. "I'm on my. Try not to leave before I get there, okay?"

"No promises, dad," Drake said. "Get to us as soon as you can. Out." Drake cut off the channel afterward. Drake sighed, then looked out the forward viewscreen, at the asteroid field. "So..." he said solemnly, "This is what's left of the Cerinians' ancestral home--" he stopped midsentence, hissing through clenched teeth as a shiver ran up his spine. There was a disturbance in the Force. Someone had followed them. "Serena," Drake requested, "Can you scan for the following signatures in this vicinity?" he transmitted a example signature of a Translight portal, praying the AI could detect it quick...

* * *

The translight portal shimmered and appeared some distance astern of the Aurora, but nothing seemed to come out. After a moment, it closed, with no obvious signs it would open again.

But a ship had, in fact, exited the rift - the JX49 that contained Darth Faasnu. The ship was cloaked, but Faasnu was awestruck at what he saw - the remains of a planet that seemed maddeningly familiar. The Aurora headed toward what appeared to be an asteroid base, seemingly unaware of Faasnu's arrival.

Finally engaging engines, he made best stealth speed toward the base, still struck with an odd sense of familiarity...
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