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Chapter 7

The Team set sail for Cape Fur the next morning, and enjoyed themselves in town the best as they could. As the day wound down, they sailed back to Todd and Lola's summer home, and went into town there to Madame Vulpine's cafe theater, a converted old opera house that was made into a cafe and a theater for many of the bohemians of Zoness. There were many others on Zoness that were like it, some of them on the same block, but it was here that thew team enjoyed themselves the most.

That night, a performance of "The H.M.S. Pelt-a-Fur" was playing its final night performance. As the team settled into the audience, Todd, Lola, Misty, Madame Vulpine, and Conrad sat up front. As the house lights dimmed, and the the curtain rose, the play began....Todd couldn't help notice something strange about the star, who was a lion, playing as the captain...

"I'm the greatest captain of the Queen's Navy!"

Chorus: "And your record shall stand as proof!"

"Be it frigate, or a freighter, I'm an expert navigator!"

Chorus: "And you're also a world class pouf!"

"My magnified feat, is really quite a treat, seeing that as how I can pirouette on cue!
But despite you're point of view, I can thrill a girl or two..."

*points to 1st mate*

"But I'd rather get it on with YOU!"

Chorus "Ha Ha Ha!"

As the star and the cast danced, Todd looked closer at the lion, "It couldn't be..." he mumbled.

At the intermission, Todd and Lola met in the safety of the cloak room. "Lola...I'm suspicious of the star. I think he's not who we think he is." he told her. "What the hell are you talking about, Todd, you've met Leo! He's a great guy!" said Lola. "That's what I mean, that isn't Leon on stage, this guy seems awfully familiar..." Todd said. "Todd, what the hell has gotten into you? We're safe on Zoness, there's no way Lionel would be able to find you, Fox, Falco, Katt, Pal, or Slippy. Tigress and Übervixen, along with the team have your back, and Slippy's dad's houseboat is as excellent as this vacation, a vacation FOX is letting us take, mainly because he's caught in this mess too, how's that for luck, huh? Just try to relax." Lola said, as she kissed Todd on the mouth, the two of them exchanging a long, warm, embrace and kiss.

The house lights dimmed, and a chime sounded.

Todd, Lola, and the rest of the audience went back into the theater.

As the performance ran on, the play drew to a close..."For he himself has said it, as a duty to his credit...he remains a Furry Man! He remai-ai-ai-ai-ai-ai-ai-ai-ai-ai-ai-ai-ai-ai-ai-aiains a Furry MAN!"

A large banner with a paw print dropped down behind the star of the show, and the rest of the cast joined in on the song. The audience applauded, and the curtains fell, concealing the stage. The curtains rose again, and the cast took a bow. Suddenly, the star walked to the edge of the stage, and stood, staring at Todd. "Yeah?" Todd said to him. "And now, Todd, THE FINAL CURTAIN for you!" The lion said, as he drew his sabre, slashing at Todd. "AHH!" Todd dodged the blade, as it came down at him, hitting the table. *THUNK* The blade was a fake, it wasn't even sharp.

"Damn it all!" Lionel threw down the sword.

Suddenly, another Lion, in his boxer shorts, appeared at one end of the stage. "That's the maniac that attacked me, tied me up, and locked me in my dressing room, after stealing my costume!" he sound out loud. Two bulldogs in tuxedos, who stood on either end of him, ran towards Lionel, and chased him, tackling him. The curtains fell, concealing the stage as the audience gasped, and shouted in fear. After seeing Todd get attacked, the revelation of the star on stage being an imposter, the real star suddenly appearing, and the imposter being nabbed, everyone in the audience flooded out of the theater.

As the cops were there at the theater, later that night, Leo was sitting at one of the tables, a blanket draped about his shoulders, as the cops took a report. The police captain asked the two bulldog ushers "Where's the suspect?" The two bulldogs took the police captain to the storage room where they had locked him up, after taking the costume off of him. The unlocked and opened the door...

"Aw, nooo!" one of them said. "He got away!" the other one said, seeing the empty room. "How did he escape!?" asked Madame Vulpine, noticing. Todd found a bobby pin on the floor. "He picked the lock, and then after getting out he re-locked it to avoid suspicion!" he said, giving the pin to the police captain. "I was only in the bathroom for ten minutes!" said one usher. "I was giving the police my report of the incident!" said the other usher.

"He was quick, I'll tell ya' that! He could have learned it if he spent time in prison!" said the police captain. "Yeah..." said Todd. "Any reason why he would attack you, Todd? Perhaps it's about a public confession you and some of your teammates made about a dock fire?" the police captain asked suspiciously. "Yes, and he's mad because we hung him out to dry..." Todd said. The police captain nodded, and took down more notes.

Later that night, the team was back in Cape Fur, on the house boat.

Todd lay in bed....the door creaked open, a hand clutching a butcher knife poked into the room.

"TODD! YOU WANT A BROWNIE BEFORE BED!?" Tigress ran in, eyes flashing, a butcher knife in one hand, and a pan of brownies in the other hand. "AAAAAAAAHHHHH!" Todd shrieked, hiding under the covers. "C'mon, let me cut you a piece while they're warm!" Tigress said, doing so, and then placing the knife in the pan, and patting the lump under the blankets that was Todd. "Todd?" she gently scratched Todd behind the ears, through the blanket. Todd relaxed, and Tigress gently lifted the covers off of him.

"Tigress....I'd appreciate it if you didn't..." Todd shuddered. "Oh, you mean burst into your room while you're trying to sleep, while screaming and branding a butcher knife? Oh, sure, sorry!" Tigress gave Todd the brownie piece she had cut, and then kissed Todd goodnight on the forehead. "Good night!" she said wickedly. "Thanks." Todd replied. As Todd finished the brownie, Tigress burst into the room, a hockey mask on her face, and a chainsaw in her hands. "TODD, YOU WANNA SEE MY NEW CHAINSAW AND HOCKEY MASK!?" Todd shouted and hid under the covers again, "AAAAAAHHHH!" came his muffled cries.

"Oh, right, sorry!" Tigress said, sarcastically, as she turned off the chainsaw and removed the hockey mask. As she left, she winked at Lola, who stood outside the bedroom door, and exchanged winks with Tigress, as they both giggled "Nice!" Lola told Tigress. "It's just too easy!" Tigress replied. Lola went into Todd's room to calm him down, she climbed under the covers with him, and after a while, they had sex, while cocooned in the covers and sheets.

Tigress didn't do to the others what she had done to Todd, she and Lola just wanted to mess with Todd for fun...

*that's it for this chapter*
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