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I apologize for the long wait, comrades - apart from the downloading of CoD: BO (which, thankfully, is done), I was doing a little remodeling of my house. Anyway, I have some new progress for ya:

Posted Image

Kursed, I believe you can spot your ship easily enough. Keep in mind, I have not had time to add other details, as the next image will show:

Posted Image

In order of left-to-right on the upper edge of my mural, the new ships are:

Kirn Command Battleship (Top page, far left on the upper edge - the one shaped like an arrow with multiple turrets.)

Dragon'taan Marauder Corps (DMC) Ares-class Attack Cruiser (The ship sitting off to the right [technically, port] side.)

DMC Wyvern-class Battlecruiser (Upper-right page, the ship on the upper-left corner of the page)

DMC Marauder-Class Star Dreadnought (The biggest ship on the aforementioned page)

Kirn Attack Frigate (The itty-bitty arrow-shaped ship off the port-side-aft of the Marauder)

Zurrak Battleship (The one shaped like a sphere surrounded by a ring, connected to said ring by four support structures)

If any of you have requests, please tell me. Bear in mind what I have said of such requests (HINT: see page 1).
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