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(Posting this in case I don't get a chance to tomorrow. Don't need an immediate response, but don't let this RP die so soon.)

After the emergency briefing, Tuz'iin and Leigh headed to their ship, the Insurrection Alpha - a modified XG2M2 Star Wing Assault Corvette.

"Think this rogue operative was Marauder Corps?" Leigh asked Tuz'iin.

"It would explain why fingers are being pointed at us," Tuz'iin answered. "But I know of no DMC Marauder Operative that has gone rogue, recently or long ago." He walked into the cockpit as he waited for the rest of the team. While he waited, he punched up his intel on the Imperial Cairn Installation. "This is the Cairn Installation," he told Leigh.

"Didn't Kyle Katarn hit that place one time?" Leigh asked.

"In 'Verse 02-Alpha, yeah," Tuz'iin replied. "This one's in '02-Gamma. Zaariin's territory."

"Ugh," Leigh complained, "I thought we'd seen the last of those bastards after Mu-Gamma IV."

"Apparently not," Tuz'iin said. "But what I want to know is why Marauder One hit this place, and not some more important target?"
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