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Scalid Sniper.
After Valtozaz had seperated from the 45th ANI scout division, he'd kept with the ANI, working whatever mission they had for him as they slowly faded into anonymity in the universe, becoming little more than a three letter attachment to those few operatives this far away from the base of operations. Yet here was the Scalid gunsmith, out here in some vague part of the universe. on some secret assignment to do who knows what. Valtozaz missed his old team, but he'd keep serving the ANI so long as his home world was safe. Valtozaz spotted the name on the side of the ship he was supposed to be reporting to, the "Insurrection Alpha"
Valtozaz gave a sigh, straightened his ANI scout outfit, kicked the ground to make sure his sneakers were on right, and readjusted the rifle on his back, before walking up to the door of the ship and entering. Looking around a bit before he heard voices and trying to put on a professional smile as he walked in on the conversation.
"One sniper reporting, courtesy of the ANI's outreach battalion" battalion of 5 people last Valtozaz had heard, but that was the title of the group he was under now, so he said it anyway.
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