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I found out something interesting.

Apparently there is a way to get Surfing Pikachu without hacking or going to an event that doesn't exist anymore. Here is how to do it.

Pokemon Yellow version
Pokemon Stadium
Gameboy Transfer pak.

Now here is what you do;

1. Get to the Round 2 portion of Pokemon Stadium

2. Get all the way to the Prime Cup Masterball (can already be previously beaten)

3. Raise a decent team on Pokemon Yellow (I honestly transported some in that were at level 100)

4. You must enter Prim Cup Masterball Round 2 using only Pokemon from the Pokemon Yellow, there can be no rentals and you cannot register your team.

5. Pikachu MUST be part of the team.

6. Pikachu must be part of the chosen three Pokemon for every battle (it does NOT have to actually enter battle, BUT it must be part of the chosen three for everything, pretty much making the game slightly difficult as the Ratio for battle will pretty much be 2 against 3)

7. You cannot use the "Save place and battle later" option at the end of the battle, you have to make time to go through it all without ending and coming back later.

8. You are allowed to lose, and allowed to use Continues if you have them.

9. Once you have beaten the Prime Cup Masterball, the game will go through the normal "Hall of fame" entry, then the screen will change to have a "sunset" effect, and Pikachu is able to learn Surf.

Now there are some sites out there (if you are checking to see if what I say is legit) that will tell you you cannot lose and cannot use continues, and that Pikachu has to appear in every battle. I bring you truth in everything listed as after I found the information myself, I tried it, and now own a surfing Pikachu. I got it to know Surf at lvl 14, the rest of the team used in the battles were level 100. Using a Mewtwo that knows Psychic, Blizzard, Thunderbolt and Recover will help greatly.

Have fun Pokefriends *hops on surfboard and surfs away*

Info can be found in the link below:

Surfing Pikachu info
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