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Head General of the Marauder Corps
Marauder One came out of the craft, arms out, to show she was unarmed.

"Finally found me, huh, General? What took you so long?" she asked.

"We couldn't find you," Kyle told her. "Which I am sure you know by now."

"Perhaps not," Maria said, "But as you can see, I managed my own escape."

"But why turn on us? On the Corps? Did we not give you a home after yours burned by the hands of the Sith?" Kyle asked.

"You did," Maria admitted. "But when I learned of your brother, I realized what had had happened. I was working under a Sith and never knew it. You ask why I betrayed the Corps? I didn't - I am trying to save it. From you."

"You realize," Faasnu told Maria, "This is exactly what Darth Belgrod wanted."

Maria looked to Faasnu, a suspicious look on her face. "How so?" she asked.

"He wanted you to turn on us," Faasnu explained. "I know this. It is why I sought my brother out. He manipulated you - in a way, you were working under a Sith; just not the Sith you thought."

"What next?" Maria demanded. "He let me escape and watched as I thought what he wanted me to think?! He made me think that I had been betrayed by my own?!"

"That's exactly what happened," Faasnu affirmed. "Belgrod knew he wouldn't live to strike at Dragon'taan himself, whatever his reasons - so he sought a tool to do what he could not."

A long, uncomfortable pause followed this, after which Maria inquired, "If what you are saying is true, and I was tricked... what do I do now?"

"Just turn yourself in," Kyle said. "Relinquish the weapon Belgrod had intended you to use against us. Help us reverse the damage you caused."

Maria looked to Zack and Krystal. "What do you say? Can I trust my old General again - even with his Sith brother?"

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