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A vessel raced at high warp, cutting across sectors in almost no time. The two men in it's bridge, One human, the other Andorian, were discussing the current job.

"So..." Anorochet began. "Do you really expect to find anything on that world?" The Andorian turned to face the human.

"Not sure." Aidan said. "The rumors do have strong evidence to support them though."

"Strong evidence. Listen, necromancer, if you're wrong..." Anorochet began.

"You'll dump me off on Titania, I got that." Aidan started again. "But if I'm right, think of the power we could unleash. We'd finally be able to ensure the dominance of Earth and Andoria over the rest of the galaxy." Aidan sighed. "If only the name of the planet was unique."

"What?" Anorochet asked.

"Titania. It's name is also that of a moon in Earth's solar system."
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