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(I apologize for the tardiness in starting this. Big storm blew through here, and my internet signal was virtually useless.)

As the Unseen Predator headed through the TDIG Rift under cloak, Faasnu, Keesha and Charlene led everyone to another part of the ship, where Faasnu brought up an image of a planet.

"This," he said, "Is our destination: Dxun. Historical reference states that Dxun was the heart of the Mandalorian War effort during the Mandalorian War. Recently, however, the DMC has received a priority-one distress beacon. We've been asked to investigate."

"Why were we headed there again?" Charlene asked.

"Since receiving the distress beacon," Keesha explained, "We've not heard a peep from our allies there; we don't know what's happened. It could be a downed transmitter, or in worst-case scenario, something wiped out the facility's inhabitants."

"While on Dxun," Faasnu said, "We must keep an eye out for Mandalore; he will likely have operational knowledge of what happened here. Any questions so far?"
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