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Valtozaz smiled softly as he stood and went into the armory...finding the augmented set of light combat plating he'd commissioned in the downtime on the planet. The plates not meant as much for deflecting blows as the thicker, heavier plates of true power armor, but still better than standard combat armor of the ANI. The true purpose of the plating was in a stealthing system, made to mimic his chameleon skin. It fit like a glove and Valtozaz grinned widely at it, walking out in it's plates, a minor hydrolics system keeping him moving just as fast and agile as normal. "I'm ready if you people are..." Valtozaz said, hilting a strange knife...apparently native to his people, a pistol already at his hip, and his rifle slung over his shoulder.

(I blame the updates page for not giving me this topic >w> ...)
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