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Saphiria-Mercury O'Hedge
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Childhood Information:
Full Name: Vincent-Constantine van Sky
Nickname: Vinc, Consi
Date of Birth: 03.11.
Age: 10
Gender: Male
Species: Falcon
Place of Birth: Zoness
Current Residence: Zoness
Height: 4'9 ft
Weight: 88'1 lbs
- Parents: Saphiria-Mercury O'Hedge & Falco Lombardi
- Siblings: Noel O'Hedge (younger Sister)
- Others: Olivia-Emera & Richard O'Hedge (Grandparents)
Job/s: None
- Food/s: Fried eggs with spinach, Pizza
- Drink/s: Cherry juice, milk
- Sweet/s: Any kind as long as it has sour flavor
- Sport/s: In-line skating
- Color/s: None
- Musicgenre/s: None
- Freetime Activity/ies: Hanging around with his friends
Likes: Reading books, being outside, learning new things
Dislikes: Arguments, complicated things
Strength/s: Good memory
Weakness/es: Clumsy at times
Weapon/s: None
Alignment: Good
Theme Song: -None at the moment-

~Positive/Negative Behaviours:
+ Friendly, polite, tolerant
- Too curious, sometimes a small stubborn, sometimes a 'hard job'

~Personality (Short description):
A friendly, young falcon. Vincent was raised as a young gentleman that never refuses to help others and always carries a warm smile in his face. He loves to learn new things but can be very clumsy at times, especially when cleaning his room. A small jealous one when his younger sister Noel gets all the attention and very sensitive about arguments.

Though he might be young he knows how to treat others with respect. His family and friends are his most important 'treasures' and there's no way anyone will break this bond.

He never had contact to the Star Fox Team though his parents told him many stories about them.

Vincent was born in the hospital of Zoness, the home planet of his mother and grandparents. Actually he wasn't really planned, but he grew up as a happy and truly loved young boy that is laughing very much and always wants to learn new things as fast as possible. He felt a bit jealous after his younger sister Noel was born, but he realized that he must take care of her since he wants to be a 'good big brother'. Saphiria and Falco decided to give him a different last name instead of Lombardi in public, fearing people would might keep an eye on the young falcon.

~Skills [Assault System]:
Health: ***
Speed: **
Jump: *
Flight: -
Land: -
Foot: -

~Special feature/s: Like his mother Vincent possesses the power of healing wounds from inside to outside, known as 'Healing Hand'. He hasn't realized his powers yet.

Appearance: (Will come soon)
~Arwing Information: None
~Designed: 2010.11.25, Redesigned: 2013.01.08
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