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- Surfing Pikachu:
Wow, no one really knew how to get a surfing Pikachu in Yellow? This was so easy to get through Pokemon Stadium, even I got it when I finished the league with my whole yellow team on it and this was all by myself (we hadn't even a PC back in my time when I played those games).

- Favourite Pokemon:
Uh, too many actually, but I will always be a fan of the whole Eeveelution family. Oh yeah, and Minccino (Chillarmy in JP, Picochilla in GER). I promised that, if I ever get a shiny Minccino in White 1, I will so call it CANDY because of it's purple/pink fur! ....I hope it will be female though X'D

- Pokemon X and Pokemon Y:
Awesome I tell ya, it will be released EVERYWHERE in October, something that Game Freak Inc./Nintendo always tried to do! I will use the fire starter, it's so sweet designed and I'm curious about all other pokemon that will come... so Pokemon X will be my choice, though I like the Legendary on Y as well. Hard to decide. The graphics are just amazing in the new games.
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