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(Kursed, if you want to bring in a new char, you can have them meet us on Dxun.)

Faasnu armored up and nabbed Charric, his heavily-modified Disruptor Rifle, to go with his multiple lightsabers. Keesha was already armed and armored. They all headed to the cockpit, where they took control as the Unseen Predator dropped out of the TDIG Rift. Dxun was in sight, and so was Onderon. But something was... different. The Onderon Military fleet was present, and things looked... normal. Like nothing was wrong. Then again, Onderonians wouldn't care what happened to the Mandalorians on Dxun.

"Let's take her in for a landing," Keesha suggested.

"Affirmative," Charlene said. "Foxtrot, you getting any comm chatter?"

"If what I am getting is accurate," Charlene's AI answered, "The Onderonians are on edge; they've sent three search teams to ascertain the reason their Mandalorian 'allies' have stopped broadcasting. None have returned."

"That doesn't necessarily mean anything," Keesha commented. "Dxun is dangerous enough by itself."

"But the Mandalorians have an alliance - if uneasy - with the Onderonians. They'd escort Onderonian Military personnel to their camp. If their scouts were attacked, as the Onderonians think, then whoever - or whatever - took out the Mandalorians may still be in the vicinity," Charlene explained.

"She's right," Faasnu agreed. "Foxtrot, is the cloaking device still engaged?"

"Affirmative," Foxtrot replied.

"Good," Faasnu said. "Keep it engaged, find us a safe landing zone. Let's stay alert, people. Something is out here."
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